We want to hear how students are using NAG Library algorithms - £25 if your story is published

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7 Jan 2016

The winner of a recent NAG prize, Luke Pitt, PhD Student at the School of Electric and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester, told us about his use of the NAG Library in his work, he wrote:

My PhD project involves the design, construction and deployments of a sensor network for monitoring the internal environment in relation to thermal comfort together with the subsequent analysis of the data collected by it. The sensor network consists of 17 sensor nodes deployed in both conventional offices and open plan workspace. The network measures a number of environmental parameters every 30 seconds as well as providing a simple physical interface for occupants to express their current level of satisfaction with the thermal environment. The network has been collecting data since September 2012.

As part of the data analysis of the collected data I used the NAG Library to perform principal component analysis on a total of 256 variables measured by the nodes, a local meteorological station and the building’s fiscal energy meters. I chose the NAG Library to be confident that I was using a reliable and well tested implementation of the algorithm that would work with the size of the dataset I was analysing.

We want to hear how students are using NAG Library algorithms or NAG Toolbox for MATLAB® in their work. Email us with your story and you’ll receive a £25 Amazon voucher if it gets published in NAGnews.

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