Webinar: Benchmarking as the answer to HPC performance and architecture questions

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Online Webinar

Andrew Jones, Vice-President, Strategic HPC Consulting and Services (@hpcnotes) will deliver this impartial webinar looking at benchmarking of HPC systems. A must for anyone involved in high performance or scientific computing.

Are you trying to address any of these three questions:

  • Which processor or system architecture is right for your HPC needs?
  • How fast does your code run and where to optimize it?
  • What do benchmarks really mean?

In this live webinar Andrew will answer these questions and discuss the topics below. There will be an opportunity to have your own questions answered, either during the session or post event.

Key topics:

  • When to use benchmarking
  • What benchmarks can and can’t tell you
  • Rules, consistency and pitfalls
  • Selecting the most appropriate benchmarks
  • Extrapolating to larger scales or newer technologies
  • Tips, tricks, and best practice