NAG Fortran Library for Win32 Applications, Mark 24

FLDLL244ML - License Managed

Microsoft Windows, Intel Fortran

Post Release Information

This implementation is applicable to computer systems described in section 2.1 of the Installer's Note (see Installer's Note, Applicability).

Any additional information related to this implementation, that came to light after the release of this product, is described below.

  1. Possible crash when calling LAPACK routines from the FLDLL244M_mkl library
  2. In some circumstances, a call to an LAPACK routine from the FLDLL244M_mkl variant of the NAG library may cause a program crash. The crash can occur if your program calls any LAPACK routine with faulty arguments (for example, if you call LAPACK routine DGETRF with argument N < 0). In normal circumstances, MKL should issue an error message, but a problem with the LAPACK error handling routine XERBLA in the version of MKL distributed with Mark 24.1 of the NAG library leads to a crash instead of an error message.

    A workaround is simply to link to the all-NAG library FLDLL244M_nag where the problem does not exist. Once you are confident that you have no argument errors in your calls to LAPACK routines, you can revert to calling FLDLL244M_mkl.

    This problem affects Mark 24.1 of the NAG library. It has been fixed in patch version 24.1.1. You can determine the exact version of your library by calling NAG routine A00AAF, or by examining the example program results file a00aafe.r that comes with your distribution.