NAG Fortran Library, Mark 24

FLL6A24DFL - License Managed

Linux 64 (Intel 64 / AMD64), GNU gfortran, Double Precision

Post Release Information

This implementation is applicable to computer systems described in section 2.1 of the Installer's Notes (see Installer's Notes, Applicability).

Any additional information related to this implementation, that came to light after the release of this product, will be described below.

  1. Recompilation of NAG Library interface blocks for use with newer compiler versions
  2. This can be achieved by copying all the .f90 files from the nag_interface_blocks folder to a new folder of your choice, for example nag_interface_blocks_alt. Then compile all the files into objects using your compiler. Because the interface blocks contain some inter-dependencies, the order of compilation is important, but the following compilation order should work:

      gfortran -c nag_precisions.f90
      gfortran -c nag_blas_consts.f90
      gfortran -c nag_blas_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_blast_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_lapack_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_omp_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_a_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_c_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_d_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_e_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_f_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_g_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_h_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_m_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_s_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_w_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_x_ib.f90
      gfortran -c nag_long_names.f90
      gfortran -c nag_library.f90

    The object files generated by the compilation may be discarded - only the module files are needed. To use the newly compiled module files, you will need a compiler-dependent switch to tell the compiler where to find them when you are compiling programs. For example, the command

      gfortran -I nag_interface_blocks_alt
    will tell the compiler to look in the new folder for module files. Note that if you intend to use the nag_example* utilities that appear in the scripts directory, then you must modify them appropriately to refer to your new interface block directory instead of the original one.

    Alternatively, to make the new set of compiled modules the default set, move the directory [INSTALL_DIR]/nag_interface_blocks to [INSTALL_DIR]/nag_interface_blocks_original, and then move the directory containing the new set of modules [INSTALL_DIR]/nag_interface_blocks_alt to [INSTALL_DIR]/nag_interface_blocks.