NAG Toolbox for MATLAB


x86-64 Linux, MATLAB R2013a

Post Release Information

This implementation is applicable to computer systems described in section 2.1 of the Installer's Note (see Installer's Note, Applicability).

Any additional information related to this implementation, that came to light after the release of this product, is described below.

  1. Missing data files

    A few of the examples require data files which were inadvertantly omitted from the distribution materials. These are contained within the zip file (1,143 bytes). The contents should be unzipped and placed in the help/NAG/example directory within your NAG Toolbox installation, e.g. /opt/NAG/mbl6i24dml/help/NAG/example.

    This table shows the data files contained within the zip file and the example programs which use them:

         Data file      Required by
         e04mx.opt      e04mx_example.m
         nag_opt_miqp_mps_read.opt      nag_opt_miqp_mps_read_example.m      x04bb_example.m,  nag_file_line_read_example.m
  2. Fix for minor formatting problem in help

    For some classes of mathematical expressions, extraneous characters are displayed on the right hand side of the window following the proper mathematical display. The addition of the lines

    display: none;
    to the end of the the file help/NAG/styles/libdoc.css within your NAG Toolbox for MATLAB distribution will hide these junk characters. Alternatively, you could replace that file by the one from our website:
  3. Error message while loading NAG Library

    On Linux systems, there is a fixed number of libraries that can be loaded with static thread local storage, due to a limitation of glibc. If this number is exceeded, you will see an error message such as the one below:

    Invalid MEX-file
    dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS
    To work around this problem, start up MATLAB using
    matlab -r a00aa
    to ensure that the NAG libraries are loaded first. A side-effect of this is that some information about the NAG Toolbox is displayed when MATLAB starts. (See also MathWorks Bug Reports 961964 and 1003952 for related information.)