NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®


x86-64 Linux, MATLAB R2015aSP1 - R2016b

Supplementary Information


1. Introduction

This page is for supplementary information relating to the implementation described in Section 2.1 of the Installer's Note. It may be augmented over the life-time of the product if further pertinent information becomes available.

2. R2017a, R2017b and R2018a Suitability

This implementation has been tested with MATLAB version 9.2 (R2017a), version 9.3 (R2017b) and version 9.4 (R2018a) and is considered suitable for use with those versions, with the exception of the following routines:

  d03ra / nag_pde_2d_gen_order2_rectangle
  d03rb / nag_pde_2d_gen_order2_rectilinear
  d03rz / nag_pde_2d_gen_order2_rectilinear_extractgrid
In some instances, these problems have also been observed with MATLAB version 9.1 (R2016b). Some minor issues with graphics may be observed.