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Software Entitlement

Students and staff at the University are entitled to use the software listed below on both personal and work machines.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris

  • The NAG Library
    The world’s largest collection of robust, documented, tested and maintained numerical algorithms
  • NAG Fortran Compiler
    The checking compiler for improved code portability and detailed error reporting

Users are entitled to full access to NAG's Technical Support Service.

The following documents provide useful guidance on how to install and use the NAG Software products:

To get the best performance use one of the SMP-parallelised versions of the NAG Library

  1. Download the NAG Library for SMP & Multicore
  2. Request licence (Please state the product code, e.g. FSL6I24DDL)
  3. Compile and link your program to the NAG Library for SMP & Multicore

Contact: NAG Support for detailed instructions.

Licence Servers

Should your department wish to set up a licence server please download the necessary binaries from HERE and provide the Kusari Host ID of the licence server to, stating the products that the licence is required for.

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Bookmark this page to stay up to date with your entitlements, and to stay abreast of news on NAG products and developments. Or contact me anytime:

Rachel Foot - NAG Academic Liaison Team