The NAG MPI Parallel Library

Easily enable applications to take advantage of distributed memory parallel computers
Unrivalled Reliability
Algorithms that work for your applications. Flexible to the core.

The NAG MPI Parallel Library has been specifically developed to easily enable applications to take advantage of distributed memory parallel computers. The interfaces have been designed to be as close as possible to equivalent routines in the NAG Fortran Library in order to ease the parallelisation of existing applications. The components of the NAG MPI Parallel Library hide the message passing details (BLACS and MPI) to maximize their modularity.

Accelerating development of your algorithm-reliant application

When Schroders were developing an in-house portfolio construction tool they massively reduced their development time by using NAG routines by creating 20 optimal portfolios in the same time that it used to take to create one. This gave them more time to focus on other value added areas. Learn more

Optimization, Sparse Linear Algebra, Nearest Correlation Matrix, Changepoint Analysis, Kalman Filter, Quantiles and More – it’s all in there.
Speed up time to market / application development
Deliver competitive advantage
Thread Safety
Growth strategy
Available for all these languages and environments
Product Details

The complete NAG Parallel Library Manual, Release 3 can be viewed on-line in PDF format where HTML index files have been provided for easy navigation.

Please note that this electronic documentation replaces the interactive hyper-based documentation provided by TextWare at Release 2.

Installer's Notes and Users' Notes

Support documentation for the installation and use of each implementation of the NAG Parallel Library is available.

The NAG Parallel Library is aimed at typical applications required by industrial, commercial and research environments. The majority of the routines in the NAG Parallel Library was developed and tested in industrial applications by organizations such as Piaggio, British Aerospace, Thomson LCR, IBM, SEMEA and the Danish Hydraulic Institute. The NAG Parallel Library delivers excellent performance and scalability across a wide range of systems, including SMP platforms, and its routines can be easily called from other languages.

Services and Support

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NAG’s Technical Support Service is provided by a team of specialists in numerical and statistical software development, in fact the NAG Library and Compiler development team share responsibility for the support of our software. We strongly believe that in order to effectively support complex software the technicians must be both experienced and understand the intricacies of the computational techniques. This conviction is reflected in the composition of the team most of whom are qualified to PhD level and have combined experience of software support in excess of 50 years.

NAG accuracy is quality assured

NAG provides accurate, documented, numerical software and services to help you make sure that your results are accurate. The validity of each NAG routine is tested for each platform that it is enabled for. Only when an implementation satisfies our stringent accuracy standards is it released. As a result, you can rely on the proven accuracy and reliability of NAG to give you the right answers. NAG is an ISO 9001 certified organization.

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The numerical codes that underpin the results from your software are not future proof. While the mathematics does not change, the codes have a limited lifespan because of new hardware structures, mathematical innovation and changes in application needs. NAG Numerical Services help you and your organization find and implement the optimum numerical computation solutions. NAG works with your team to impart skills and techniques that will help solve your numerical software problems.

Expert teaching and instruction from numerical experts

Your users, developers and managers can all benefit from NAG's highly regarded training courses. All of the training courses listed have been delivered successfully either from NAG offices or at client premises. Training courses can be tailored to suit your particular requirements and be targeted to novice, intermediate or experienced levels. Specialized mentoring and development programs are also available for HPC managers.

Working in collaboration with industry and academia

NAG was founded on collaboration as an inter-University collaborative venture combining the talents of mathematicians and computer scientists. NAG has continued to collaborate with individuals and organizations over the past four decades and today longstanding and new partners are delivering tangible benefits to users and students all over the world.