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NPL and NAG have had a close collaboration for over 20 years. Most recently, NAG has been involved in a number of joint projects with NPL under the UK Software Support for Metrology (SSfM-2) programme and in particular the METROS (Metrology Software) website.

NAG and NPL are also working together in Europe and beyond to further the use of quality software in Metrology.

NPL chooses NAG

National Physical Laboratory trusts NAG to deliver reliable, robust and accurate numerical algorithms for its technical computation.

"It is essential that NPL provides its scientists with numerical algorithms that have proven accuracy, reliability and are easy to use. To meet this challenge we selected NAG to provide us with a core library of commonly used numerical algorithms.

"We have chosen NAG algorithms for numerical and statistical calculations, in order to help us achieve and maintain high quality standards whilst reducing maintenance. Furthermore, the ease of integration of the algorithms with other software packages used by NPL, for example Excel, MATLAB and Labview, enables us to promote the use of the algorithms throughout NPL whenever there is a need for mathematical calculations.

"We complement NAG's numerical libraries with our own set of specialist algorithms, some of which we hope will eventually be included in NAG's numerical libraries. We see this as part of a wider partnership with NAG and look forward to working together to meet the requirements of NPL and Metrology activities worldwide."

Dave Rayner PhD MBCS CEng
Head of Centre for Mathematics and Scientific Computing
and Programme Manager for Software Support for Metrology
National Physical Laboratory, UK