LogoF95 BLAS Proposal

(Zohair Maany and Sven Hammarling)

The following files contain the software for the F95 BLAS proposal as presented at the BLAST Forum (April 1998).

The basic modules

The keywords module
The precision module


The procedure files

Each file contains the specific procedures for the given BLAS, for example mod_proc_zgemm.f90 contains 36 specific procedures for zgemm


Generic Interface files

Each file contains the generic interface for the given f95 BLAS procedure, for example interface_gemm.f90 contains the generic interface that define the generic name "gemm" to replace:

36 specific procedures in mod_proc_zgemm.f90
36 specific procedures in mod_proc_dgemm.f90
12 specific procedures in mod_proc_zgemv.f90
12 specific procedures in mod_proc_dgemv.f90
8 specific procedures in mod_proc_zger.f90
8 specific procedures in mod_proc_dger.f90



The main module

This is the only module that the user will USE. It contains the precision, key words and generic names.

blas_95.f90 The F95 BLAS module

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