NAG fl90 Library

Chapter 12: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE's)

Chapter Introduction
Module 12.1: nag_ivp_ode_rk - Solution of Initial Value Problems for ODE's by Runge-Kutta Methods
nag_rk_setup Sets up the integration
nag_rk_interval Integrates across an interval and provides the solution at user-specified points
nag_rk_info Provides statistics about the integration
nag_rk_global_err Provides information about global error assessment
nag_rk_step Integrates one step at a time
nag_rk_interp Interpolates the solution
nag_rk_reset_end Resets the end point of integration
nag_rk_comm_wp Communicating structure for nag_ivp_ode_rk (type)

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