The .NET Library does not currently include documented interfaces to all of the NAG Library, however the supplied DTW3A02DA and DTW6402DA libraries are compatible with The Fortran Libraries FLDLL24M and and FLW6I24DC respectively. The Fortran libraries are distributed with .NET declarations to call the libraries from .NET and the installation directory of this .NET library includes copies of these interfaces wiith the DLLLImport commands modified to call DTW3A02DA or DTW6402DA. Please see the files flcsdnet.cs and flcsdnet64.cs.

These files may be compiled to produce a nag_declarations Class or individual declarations for the routines of interest may be copied into your project. Note that unlike the documented .NET methods, if using these interfaces the user is responsible for marshalling data between the managed and unmanaged code, and any error messages are printed via the underlying native dll, not through .NET streams. Further information and examples may be found on the NAG website.