NAG Library Manual

GAMS Classification for the NAG Library, Mark 21

This index classifies NAG Library routines according to Version 2 of the GAMS classification scheme described in Boisvert et al. (1990).

A:   Arithmetic, error analysis
B:   Number theory
C:   Elementary and special functions (search also class L5)
D:   Linear Algebra
E:   Interpolation
F:   Solution of nonlinear equations
G:   Optimization (search also classes K, L8)
H:   Differentiation, integration
I:   Differential and integral equations
J:   Integral transforms
K:   Approximation (search also class L8)
L:   Statistics, probability
M:   Simulation, stochastic modeling (search also classes L6 and L10)
N:   Data handling (search also class L2)
O:   Symbolic computation
P:   Computational geometry (search also classes G and Q)
Q:   Graphics (search also class L3)
R:   Service routines
S:   Software development tools
Z:   Other


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Boisvert R F, Howe S E and Kahaner D K (1990) The guide to available mathematical software problem classification scheme Report NISTIR 4475 Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

NAG Library Manual
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd, Oxford UK. 2006