What is InterCall?

InterCall is a Mathematica package that provides:

With InterCall you can:

Why Use InterCall?

Who Should Use InterCall?

How Does One Use InterCall?

Here is a simple session showing how to use InterCall to call a NAG library routine:

Load the InterCall package

        In[1]:= <<InterCall.m;

         Loading InterCall version 2.1.
         Copyright (c) 1992-93 T. D. Robb.
Connect to a computer that has the NAG subroutine library
        In[2]:= InterCall["sollya.maths.uwa.edu.au -l abbott"];
Note that computers anywhere on the internet can be specified.

Load the NAG library defaults database

        In[3]:= <<InterData.m
Suppose that you want to integrate the oscillatory function x cos(30x) sin(x) from 0 to 2Pi. First use "find" to locate an appropriate NAG routine:
        In[4]:= find["quadrature" && "finite" && "one" && "oscil"]

        D01AKF (NAG)
         One-dimensional quadrature, adaptive integration over a finite
         interval, method suitable for oscillating functions.
Check the default values for d01akf:
        In[5]:= GetDefault[d01akf]

        D01AKF[ (* TYPE=S *)
              $F -> In,                 (* DATA=RF[R] *)
              $A -> In,                 (* DATA=R *)
              $B -> In,                 (* DATA=R *)
              $EPSABS -> 0.,            (* DATA=R *)
              $EPSREL -> 0.00001,       (* DATA=R *)
              $RESULT :> Out,           (* DATA=R *)
              $ABSERR :> d01akf`abserr, (* DATA=R *)
              $W :> Null,               (* DATA=R[$LW] *)
              $LW -> 2000,              (* DATA=I *)
              $IW :> Null,              (* DATA=I[$LIW] *)
              $LIW -> $LW/8 + 2,        (* DATA=I *)
              $IFAIL -> -1              (* DATA=I *)
             ] (* CODE="LIBRARY" *)

        Out[5]= d01akf[$F_, $A_, $B_] -> $RESULT
This indicates that the user only has to supply $F (the function), $A (the lower integration limit), and $B (the upper integration limit). Other parameters such as $EPSREL have been assigned default values (here 0.00001).

Compute the integral of x Cos[30x] Sin[x] from 0 to 2Pi:

        In[6]:= d01akf[ Function[x, x Cos[30x] Sin[x]], 0, 2Pi ]

        InterCall::opened: Opened connection to host sollya
        InterCall::import: Importing: {D01AKF}
          Using remote driver version 2.0 on host sollya

        Out[6]= 0.006989082655373541
Here the function x Cos[30x] Sin[x] is being "emulated" using Mathematica. Alternatively you can pass compiled fortran or C directly to d01akf from within Mathematica.

Here is the absolute error in the last integral

        In[7]:= d01akf`abserr
        Out[7]= 4.399258735077181 10
InterCall completely integrates the symbolic capabilities of Mathematica with the numeric routines of any external library. You can pass a Mathematica function, array, or any other expression, as an argument to any external routine and InterCall will send the correct type of information to that external routine.

System Requirements:

InterCall runs under Mathematica version 2, and requires a Unix kernel or a Macintosh with a TCP/IP network connection.

Remote drivers to access external code on a remote computer are available for Apollo, Connection Machine, Convex, DEC/Ultrix, HP9000, IBM RISC, Iris, Sparc, Sun-3 and VAX/VMS. Drivers for AViiON, MIPS and Sony are under development.

InterCall includes:

For more information on InterCall contact:

Analytica International Pty Ltd
PO Box 522
Nedlands, WA 6909
Phone: +61 (0)8 9357 5027
Fax  : +61 (0)8 9388 0885
InterCall was developed by:

Dr. Terry Robb

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