ISO/IEC 1539-2 : 2000(E)

(Information technology - Programming languages - Fortran - Part 2: Varying length character strings)

This standard is Part 2 of the multi-part family of Fortran Standards, and describes a set of additional procedures that can be used to provide a varying length character string capability for Fortran 95 programs.

The Standard includes an informative annexe containing a reference to a complete module, which could be used as a portable implementation. It is consistent with Fortran 95 as extended by the Technical Report ISO/IEC TR 15581:2001(E), Programming languages - Fortran - Enhanced data type facilities. It is also consistent with Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008.

The sample program word_count counts the number of "words" contained in a file. The words are assumed to be terminated by any one of: ! space, comma, period, !, ?, or end of line.

The sample program vocab.f95. counts the number of "words" contained in a file and lists each word with its of number of occurrences.

The modules were written by Lawrie Schonfelder, Honorary Senior Fellow, The University of Liverpool.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the released modules are error free and they have been subject to careful testing by the author, no guarantee is given or implied that the released modules are without fault or fit for any specific purpose. Neither the author nor ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 accept any liability for any damages howsoever caused resulting from any use of this code.

Although ISO copyright practice does not permit the text of the International Standard to be made generally available, the document submitted for the FCD ballot is available as N1375.

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